EXPEDITION SWIM is a test, the outcome will determine whether a permanent swimming pool is possible in the future. Your behaviour will influence the assessment, so we would appreciate it if you participated in EXPEDITION SWIM with respect for your fellow participants, the place, the nature, the neighborhood and the organizers. Thank you in advance!

Participants are therefore requested to observe the following rules of conduct:

  • Respect the regulations.

  • Leave waste (including cigarette butts) in the appropriate waste bins.

  • Use all installations only for their intended purpose.

  • Do not damage or remove plants and trees.

  • Do not make any noise.

  • Treat everyone, swimmer or spectator, with respect.

EXPEDITION SWIM is possible with the help of many volunteers during the preparation and on site. We ask the respect of everyone for all helpers of EXPEDITION SWIM.

Download the full regulations here:

in French
in Dutch
in English

Brief regulations:

  1. Swimming is only possible after registration on site and during the personal time slot. Each participant will receive a wristband on which the time slot is indicated. 

  2. Swimming or bathing is only allowed in the delimited swimming zone during swimming hours, which will be indicated by a green flag.

  3. At red flag it is forbidden to swim.

  4. The instructions of the lifeguards are always respected.

  5. Each participant is obliged to take a shower before swimming.

  6. Access to the swimming area is only allowed in specific swimwear.

  7. Each participant must be able to swim. Children who are unable to swim can only participate under the responsibility of a supervising adult. Children under the age of 14 are always supervised by an adult.

  8. Persons who are drunk or under the influence of drugs will be refused.

  9. In some places, the water is shallow so that you will touch the ground. For your comfort, swimming shoes are allowed.

  10. It is prohibited to behave in such a way as to disturb other bathers or visitors.

  11. It is prohibited to behave in such a way that one‘s own safety or health or that of other bathers or visitors is or may be endangered.

  12. Sexual and other forms of harassment will not be tolerated in any form, whether they are gestures, expressions or touches.

  13. In case of non-compliance with these regulations, the lifeguards, the organizers or the security staff will take the necessary measures and may call upon the police.

  14. The registration on site for EXPEDITION SWIM presupposes acceptance of the regulations by the participant or visitor.

You can find the complete regulations at the information desk during EXPEDITION SWIM.

The regulations are subject to change at any moment.