More water tests before EXPEDITION 3


While preparing the expedition to Pêcheries Royales next weekend, we are still struggling with the aftermath of the weather of the last days, first the heat in the week, then the heavy rain in the weekend. Blue-green algae bloomed last week during the extremely hot and sunny days. Also called cyanobacterias, they can produce toxins that are dangerous for animals and humans, a reason for Bruxelles Environment to install the warning signs at the pond. Blooms of cyanobacterias are a common problem in waters all around the world during hot and sunny days. However, after the cool weekend the water of Pêcheries Royales looks already much better, but to be sure we are doing a special test besides the weekly tests by Brulabo. In Brussels, this special test can only be performed by the laboratory of Vivaqua. We expect to receive all results by Wednesday afternoon. We will tell you as soon as possible!